Tuesday, November 15, 2016

VW Direct Ignition Coils

This seems to be the latest trend as I've seen 4 or 5 cars this past two weeks with coil failures. Possibly weather related from last months rain.
 Today while I was servicing a VW Touareg spark plugs I found the coils looking rusty along with the plugs themselves. The spark plug tube for cylinder number 6 was filled with water and dirt. After the worn plugs were replaced, I cleaned the wet coil and blew it off with air. I test drove the VW and it had a misfire. My scanner quickly identified the failed cylinder being the flooded coil.
When I received the replacement coil it appears they have been trying to solve the moisture problem with this rubber hat to shed the water away instead of inside the spark plug wells.
The new coil solved the misfiring issue today and hopefully for the future.
Audi and Porsche use the same coils.

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