Tuesday, November 18, 2014

R56 Dash warning lights

While inspecting this Cooper S the CBS data showed the brake fluid had not been serviced and had a 0% of life value stored, also 3% left for the front brake pads, 0% for the rear brake pads. Actual brake pad inspection revealed close to 6mm remaining front and rear brakes. But the rear pad warning sensor was zip tied to the hose and broken, the caliper boot had been torn when this "mechanic" relined the rear brakes. (The piston needs to be turned while retracted into the caliper with a special tool and if the proper care isn't taken the boot can tear causing much more damage as seen here.) The repairs were made causing more damage and not setting the computer for the proper monitoring of the brake components. 
I suggest you be sure your repair shop has the proper tools and knowledge to repair your car safely & properly.
Mini and BMW Certifiied as well as Autologic equipped. 

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