Thursday, July 29, 2010

2001 BMW M5 I & K bus failure

SO I get to drive this BMW in for service and to check out the funny electrical problems.
The first thing I see is the remote is not working to unlock or lock. then the radio does not want to go on or adjust the volume. I then turn into my driveway and the blinkers on the dash stay on for a few seconds afterward.

When I bring it into the shop the indicator is not working at all- yet outside the blinkers are working fine.

Fortunately I have the fancy full systems scanner for the BMW- I find only a lamp module and bus failure codes.

I narrowed it down to the I and K bus low voltage. After removing the cluster, lamp and gm modules as well as the radio, controller and amp modules I started plugging things back in- GM module brought the K bus back, Lamp module brought back the power to the I bus, however one of the I bus wires was still bringing down the entire bus.
Most everything but the radio worked at this point. Body scan showed about 33 codes. I cleared them and went on.

Finally I find a shorted wire to the radio that is included in the cd player above the radio control. I ran a new wire to the bus jumper and everything works now.
All fixed.
Wont get my time out of it- but what could I do, call a mechanic?!!
Till next time,

keep servicing your car to make it last.

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